toddler program for children 19 months to 3 years

The very foundation of our toddler program is about developing trusting relationships between children and caregivers. Children are learning to coexist in a group setting and to interact with adults other than their parents. Routines and transitions are molded and taught, but remain flexible and responsive to the needs of children.

As trusting relationships are developed and social maturation occurs, children are encouraged to move from playing with adults only, to playing alongside each other, to playing interactively with one another. Children are not expected to share effectively but are encouraged in gaining the language needed to problem solve and develop skills in turn taking.

There is a strong language development component to our toddler program. Children practice communication with adults and peers, and are immersed in a language rich environment.  Children gain vocabulary (labels for objects & feelings), the ability to follow more complex direction (2-4 steps) and will begin to understand “what”, “where”, “when”.  This development happens naturally through the use of stories, songs, finger plays and language modeling.

Program experiences are often tactile and kinesthetic by design, allowing children to explore the environment using their senses and to engage in hands-on experiences.  This means we will send them home dirty, so please send your child in play clothes!

If this program sounds interesting or if you have any questions please contact our Executive Director for more information.