preschool program for children 3 years old

The emphasis of the Preschool Program for 3  year olds is social and emotional development.  For many children this is their first experience away from their parents and  focus is given to developing trusting relationships between children and their teachers.  Children are learning to cooperate in a group setting and are supported as they engage in associative play and develop basic problem solving skills.

Through play children gain basic math and science principles (categorizing fruit & veggies in the play kitchen by color, or what we like to eat and what we don’t!; discovering properties of weight & stability while stacking blocks and knocking them down; exploring volume while filling & pouring containers in the water table).

Program experiences often encourage physical expression allowing children to engage in whole-body and hands-on experiences. Music, movement and fine arts are daily components of the program. Gross motor play, including outdoor play is offered daily.

If this program sounds interesting or if you have any questions please contact our Executive Director for more information.