Fostering a love for learning. 


 Inspire learning within the community by providing high quality, affordable, part-time childcare and preschool programs.


We believe that children learn best in a child-centered environment, supported by caring adults.  Our aim is to promote a child’s growth and development by considering their social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional needs.  We believe that children are naturally motivated to make sense of their world and the primary vehicle in their quest for knowledge is play. They are active participants and have the freedom to experiment, discover, and learn independently in our supportive environment.

We believe that balance is achieved by providing an adaptable program and schedule that meets the needs of children and families.  We know that one-size does not fit all, and therefore our part-time, affordable program is as diverse as the children we care for.

We believe families are fundamental to establishing supportive, collaborative relationships with children and the community.  Respectful, honest communication and joint decision making are the basis of these relationships.  As a result, our open and approachable, family centered environment creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to learn and grow.


For the Children, Families, Staff and Volunteers We Value 


We ensure the safety and security of people and resources.


We celebrate, support and encourage the uniqueness of everyone.


We treat others with care, consideration and kindness.


We develop reliable and collaborative relationships.


We are committed to creating a child centered environment in which we promote best practices.


We value the ability to achieve or exceed our goals.


We recognize the need for balanced lifestyles.


We act in a manner consistent with our words and beliefs.