registration & fees

At SSMDO we are committed to offering flexible programming in order to meet your families unique needs; as such we provide several programs that you may mix and match.
Complete the registration process as follows:  

1.  Choose the correct Registration & Schedule of Fees: 2019 Summer Program Registration, 2019 Summer CAMP Registration, 2019:2020 School Year Registrationand/or 2019:2020 Kindercare Registration.

a)  Choose Full Time care or Part Time care (exception: Summer Camp Registration).

b)  Choose a Program schedule:  7:30-5:00  or  8:30-3:30  or a combination of both.

c)  Sign the registration form, be certain you have completed the 19:20 Casino PAD Agreement, and the 19:20 PAD Agreement – Registration Fee.

2.  Read and sign the 19:20 PG Agreement.

3.  Complete the 19:20 PAD Agreement, include a Void cheque or Account Information form for Pre-Authorized Payments (from your financial institution-available through your online banking).

4.  Submit all completed forms to SSMDO.

We are happy to help! If you have any questions regarding the curriculum or how to register for your scheduling needs please feel contact us.


Annual Registration Fee:    $50 per registered child, non-refundable, payable by cash, cheque or PAD.

Monthly Program Fees:



Full Time

7:30 – 5:00

Part Time

7:30 – 5:00

Part Time

8:30 – 3:30

19 months

 to 3 years

$1050 $276

per registered day


per registered day

3 years, 1 month

to 6 years

$996 $265

per registered day


per registered day

Kindercare Monthly Program Fees:

1 day/week               $207

2 days/week             $389

3 days/week             $492

4 days/week             $596

5 days/week             $699

Registration FAQs

Q: I would like to see the program before I register.  Can I do that?

A: Yes, we hold regular program tours.  You will have an opportunity to tour the classrooms and ask any questions you may have about our programs.  Please watch the website for tour dates and times.

Please contact us to attend!

Q: If I have a child in the program do I get priority when registering for the following year or registering another child in the program?

A: Yes, if you are re-enrolling for the following year you are given priority access to the program.  The earlier you register the more likely you are to get the day(s) you request.  If you already have a child in the program and would like to register another child, you are given priority access over new families.

Q: How many days a week can I access the services of SSMDO?

A: Your child may attend the program one, two or three days per week or for full time care.  We do our best to accommodate the days of the week you choose but not all requests can be accommodated.  In order to increase your chances of accessing the days you would like please register as soon as possible as it is a first come, first serve for available days.

Q: Does my child have to be potty trained to attend SSMDO?

A: No!  Children at all levels of potty training, diapers to fully trained, are welcome to attend the program.

Q: What if I want to leave the program before the end of June?

A: If you choose to withdraw your child from the program before the program end date, you must provide SSMDO with thirty (30) days written notice, fees must be paid in full during that time period.   Your thirty (30) days notice will start from the date the Executive Director receives the notice of Withdrawal Form.

Q: Who is allowed to pick up/drop off my child at SSMDO?

A: All family members and friends who you would like to pick up your child from SSMDO must be stated on your vital information form.   Please keep this information current; we will not release your child without your written consent.