Southside Mothers’ Day Out (SSMDO) is a non-profit, part-time or full time childcare facility providing a full day alternative to traditional preschool programs.  Children between the ages of 19 months to five years old and in Kindergarten are invited to participate in our enriching, learn through play environment.

You and your child will experience many rewarding relationships, activities and opportunities for growth, stimulation and new friendships during your time with SSMDO. Our program’s philosophy is based on the belief that children are naturally motivated to make sense of their world and the primary vehicle in their quest for knowledge is play. Children are active participants and have the freedom to experiment, discover, and learn independently in our supportive environment.

At SSMDO we value your family’s individuality and can help you to find balance by providing an adaptable program and schedule that meets the needs of your child/ren and family.  We know that one size does not fit all, and therefore our flexible and affordable program is as diverse as the children we care for.

For more information on our program, call 780.414.6899 or email director@southsidemothers.com.



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